NEWS from Jakub


Another dark knight from my home country – Czech Republic. It´s a great season this year. Our lakes and rivers finally have a good amount of water, catfish are very active and it´s perfect time for spinning. And what is even better: we don´t need to fish at night. I am getting a lot of nice fish in the middle of the day and have a good sleep at night.
You should try it, the strikes are brutal and it´s great fun with light tackle! You don´t need to use heavy tackle gear. Try our MADCAT Cast King. You can handle a big one, but still enjoy a smaller cat.
Don´t forget…fishing is our passion, it´s not only about big fish. It´s about our time we can spend together with our friends in amazing nature around us. We…fisherman… are very lucky and privileged people to see all the miracles of the nature!
I love to be MAD 🙂
Jakub Vágner

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