The SUMO Sensomax series includes a variety of models that cover the demands of the modern coarse angler. Using only high quality components and having a great fresh and modern design these rods are an absolute pleasure to fish with. With models like Carp Feeder, Method Feeder, Carp Picker and Picker the Sensomax series includes the right rods to catch carp, bream, roach and tench in almost every situation that can occur. From light picker rods for smaller bodies of water to heavy feeder rods for the bigger venues, the Sensomax series covers it all.
• Durable, slim and light weight TC24 carbon blanks
• Ergonomically shaped EVA parts in combination with full cork handles
• Durable reelseat with black metal caps
• Slim inlay braid resistant SiC guides

56714SUMO SENSOMAX CARP FEEDER 11’3.30m171cm2+325-75g275g11+1
56716SUMO SENSOMAX CARP FEEDER 11’3.30m116cm3+350-100g291g11+1
56715SUMO SENSOMAX CARP FEEDER 12’3.60m126cm3+325-75g316g12+1
56717SUMO SENSOMAX CARP FEEDER 12’3.60m126cm3+350-100g318g12+1
56718SUMO SENSOMAX METHOD FEEDER 13’3.90m136cm3+330-100g360g13+1
56719SUMO SENSOMAX METHOD FEEDER 13’3.90m136cm3+375-150g349g13+1
56720SUMO SENSOMAX METHOD FEEDER 13’3.90m136cm3+3100-200g375g13+1
56721SUMO SENSOMAX CARP PICKER 9’2.75m140cm2+315-55g249g9+1
56722SUMO SENSOMAX CARP PICKER 10’3.00m155cm2+315-55g269g10+1
56723SUMO SENSOMAX PICKER 9’2.75m140cm2+310-40g245g9+1
56724SUMO SENSOMAX PICKER 10’3.00m155cm2+310-40g280g10+1