The DAM Tact-X Feeder rods are the outcome of a very close cooperation with our coarse fishing experts from all over Europe. We carefully analyzed the input and weighed the different demands in the individual markets against each other to solve them as good as possible. The result is the DAM Tact-X Feeder series with 13 models following the latest trends and demands. All DAM Tact-X Feeder rods have slim and lightweight TC30 carbon blanks with the right action for each model. Blue trimmings that just give the little extra touch round of the exclusive appearance of the shiny black blank. The DAM Tact-X Feeder rods have been developed by anglers, for anglers.
• Slim and lightweight TC30 carbon blanks
• Fast action
• High quality guides and reel seats
• AAA-quality cork handle with rubber cork rear grip
• High grade EVA fore grip

60315TACT-X QUIVER2.40M125CM2+310-40G163G10+1
60316TACT-X QUIVER2.70M139CM2+310-40G176G11+1
60317TACT-X LIGHT FEEDER3.00M155CM2+315-50G217G11+1
60318TACT-X LIGHT FEEDER3.30M170CM2+315-50G229G12+1
60319TACT-X MEDIUM FEEDER3.30M115CM3+325-75G257G12+1
60320TACT-X MEDIUM FEEDER3.60M125CM3+325-75G290G12+1
60321TACT-X MEDIUM HEAVY FEEDER3.60M125CM3+350-100G232G12+1
60322TACT-X MEDIUM HEAVY FEEDER3.90M135CM3+350-100G273G12+1
60323TACT-X HEAVY FEEDER3.60M125CM3+375-150G305G12+1
60324TACT-X HEAVY FEEDER3.90M135CM3+375-150G352G12+1
60325TACT-X HEAVY FEEDER4.20M145CM3+375-150G389G12+1
60326TACT-X XTR HEAVY FEEDER3.90M135CM3+3100-250G354G12+1
60327TACT-X XTR HEAVY FEEDER4.20M145CM3+3100-250G417G12+1