Since fly fishing is getting more and more popular, many people get inspired and interested in trying fly fishing for themselves. But a lot of beginners give up before they even started, because they don’t know what they need, and they see that it seems to be very difficult to buy the right products and expensive at the same time. To eliminate both problems is exactly why the DAM Forrester Fly II Allround Fly Fishing Set is created. Everything that is needed to start the art of fly fishing is included in this set. Next to the good quality carbon fly rod with an aluminum reel seat there is an ABS graphite fly reel, which is already spooled with backing and fly line and a fly leader. Together with the flies in the small fly box that is also included, there is everything that is needed to start fly fishing for a very reasonable price.
• Four-piece carbon fly rod 2,70 m #5/6
• ABS-graphite fly reel #5/6
• Forrester Fly Backing 25lb/ 60m
• Forrester Fly Line WF5F (weight forward, floating)
• Forrester Fly Leader
• Fly box including flies