The DAM Yagi is the next generation of our extremely popular EFFZETT Yagi rods. For the new DAM Yagi we took a close look on the key components like blanks and guides. All blanks have been reworked to improve the already fast action and the sensitivity of these rods. One of the most significant changes are the much lighter K-guides that will come with all models. We kept the well-established color scheme as it is. Light grey and dark grey have been added for the new DAM Yagi Light Jig and Ultra Light Jig models. All together the new DAM Yagi series offers a much better product in all points, be it design, action or the assortment itself.
• IM8 high modulus carbon blanks
• K-frame guides + Micro guides
• Laser engraved butt cap
• High grade EVA two-piece handle
• Fast action

60033YAGI SPIN1.90M97CM25-20G95G6+1
60034YAGI SPIN1.98M102CM27-28G120G6+1
60035YAGI SPIN2.10M109CM27-28G129G6+1
60036YAGI SPIN2.10M109CM212-42G137G6+1
60037YAGI SPIN2.40M124CM212-42G153G8+1
60038YAGI SPIN2.59M134CM212-42G179G8+1
60039YAGI SPIN2.74M141CM212-42G119G9+1
60040YAGI SPIN1.98M102CM215-53G134G6+1
60041YAGI SPIN2.20M113CM215-53G144G7+1
60042YAGI SPIN2.44M127CM215-53G169G8+1
60043YAGI SPIN2.74M141CM242-82G219G9+1
60044YAGI SPIN2.20M113CM242-120G159G7+1
60045YAGI SPIN1.90M97CM25-20G99G8+1
60046YAGI SPIN1.98M102CM27-28G127G8+1
60046YAGI SPIN2.10M109CM212-42G147G8+1
60048YAGI SPIN2.10M113CM215-53G156G9+1
60049YAGI SPIN2.10M113CM242-120G177G8+1
60304YAGI ULTRA LIGHT JIG1.90M98CM22-12G97G6+1
60305YAGI ULTRA LIGHT JIG2.10M108CM22-12G110G6+1
60306YAGI ULTRA LIGHT JIG2.25M115CM23-15G117G7+1
60307YAGI ULTRA LIGHT JIG2.40M123CM23-15G120G8+1
60308YAGI ULTRA LIGHT JIG2.60M134CM23-15G132G8+1
60309YAGI LIGHT JIG2.40M123CM23-18G126G8+1
60310YAGI LIGHT JIG2.70M139CM23-18G145G9+1
60311YAGI LIGHT JIG2.40M123CM25-26G125G8+1
60312YAGI LIGHT JIG2.70M139CM25-26G149G9+1
60313YAGI LIGHT JIG2.40M124CM28-35G141G8+1
60314YAGI LIGHT JIG2.70M139CM28-35G168G9+1