The last couple of years our SteelPower® Red series has established quite a name. They are well known among and appreciated by sea anglers all over Europe. This year we revamped them completely, with the state of the art components. The new SteelPower® Red G2 rods not only look better (more modern) but also perform better!

All SteelPower® Red G2 rods equipped with a gimbal are delivered with a matching EVA protection cap.

The oval guides on the Boat, Light Boat and Natur rods provide maximum strength and durability.

The SteelPower® Red G2 Spidator offers every sea angler who prefers active angling the perfect rod. With the 2,70m Spidator the angler can cast shads and jigs light lead fish easily. The 2,85m version is, thanks to its length and backbone, ideal to fish for larger and stronger predators, like seabass. The last and longest model in this series is 3,10m long and possesses a casting weight of 15-75gr and is an ideal tool for casting extreme distances, for instance seatrout, seabass or even sea small cod. The semi parabolic action of the Spidators allows anglers to cast lures far away and and, still, enjoy fighting big fish at close range.