The DAM CamoVision Belly Boat does not only look extremely cool, it also offers a lot of safety and space for the angler. The boat has 2 separate air chambers as well as the seat and back-rest which have a high buoyancy as well. Even if a hook would get stuck in one of the chambers, the other air chamber and the seat will have enough buoyancy to support the angler to get back to the bank safely. The CamoVision Belly Boat is equipped with 2 side pockets which are attached to the boat on a not disturbing and easy to reach position what gives the angler plenty of space for fishing. Outer fabric made from high quality 600D CamoVision polyester, inner tubes made from 100% PVC.
• Strong 600D CamoVision material (100% polyester)
• 2 inflatable air chambers (100% PVC)
• 2 side pockets, attached
• Comfortable seat and back-rest
• 2 thick padded shoulder straps for longer transport
• Carry handle at the bow
• Dimensions: Length 140cm x Width 115cm
• Weight: 5,20kg
• Including air pump