The DAM CamoVision Easy Fold Chair is a very comfortable, lightweight and high-quality chair with a 7-step adjustment system for the backrest, which is adjusted with the armrests. Built for a maximum of comfort and durability, the chair comes with an ultra-stable and extremely lightweight aluminum frame. Together with very comfortable padded micro fleece main mattress and the stylish DAM CamoVision outer mattress this chair leaves absolutely no wishes open.
• Size: 94X68X64CM
• Transport size: 81x65x16cm
• Weight: 4.9kg
• Main mattress: Micro Fleece (100%)
• Outer mattress: CamoVision 600D polyester (100%)
• 7-Step Adjustable backrest
• Comfortable armrests
• Adjustable legs
• Swivel mud feet
• Ultra-light and strong round aluminum frame