Our „Bärenstark“ or Hammerhead landing nets are most probably the sturdiest and most durable landing net in the world since years! Now the best has become better with a new three point connection in the landing net handle. These high quality landing nets have a cast aluminium link which secures the net frame to the pole. The sturdy folding mechanism can be operated with just one hand. At the touch of a button, it can be opened and folded down again to save space. Available in a two and three section telescopic handle and manufactured of bend resistant aluminium and can be smoothly locked in position with a twisting action. The rubberised nylon net is stretched open with strong perlon wire ready for the catch. The rubberised net has several advantages: The hook can easily be removed, it sinks quickly in the water, it don´t get tangled and it can easily be cleaned with no remaining smells.
• Easy-to-handle, foldable ultra strong aluminium head
• Rubber coated mesh
• Secure handle locking system to change the handle length
• Very strong and weight optimized handle
• Compact transportation size