Most likely one of the highest quality and best looking 4-piece fly rod series DAM ever made. In a modern green colour and with an excellent quality cork handle. The G-Fly punches way above its weight in terms of value for money and comes in at just a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay for a rod of similar performance and specification. Constructed from 30T carbon, the weight, action and balance can only be appreciated when handling this superb fly rod.

56546DAM G-FLY 8'6" / #4#471cm495g8+1
56547DAM G-FLY 8'6" / #5#571cm498g8+1
56548DAM G-FLY 9" / #5#574cm4106g9+1
56549DAM G-FLY 9" / #6#674cm4110g9+1
56550DAM G-FLY 9" / #7#774cm4115g9+1