Fielt test: DAM E-Motion Alarm

In the past few months, I have been extensively testing the new DAM E-Motion Alarm in fishing conditions.

DAM_E-Motion_Alarm (3)

Heavy rain, that´s typical for late autumn, did not affect the functionality at all. One of the things I like best is the sensitivity of the tiny bite alarms. It is set in a way that you will instantly get a signal on every take or when fish play around with your bait, even before your tip bells would go off. That was something that really impressed me.

Usually I only use electronic bite alarms when wind or rain result in noise interference. However, these alarms are so small, lightweight and easy to attach to your rod, that I can´t really find a reason not to bring them with me. They also are sitting tight on the blank after you set the hook and won´t slip out of position when you eventually fight a big fish.

DAM_E-Motion_Alarm (2)

One of the most helpful features of the E-Motion´s is their light. You´ll find two LED´s: one in front and one on top of the device and both flash up green when then sensor notices action on the rod. The upper LED lights up the whole rod when you have a take, making it super-easy to see which rod produced the bite. Plus, you don´t look for small lights somewhere, trying to orientate oneself, when you have been woken up by the bite alarm in the middle of the night. It looks just awesome too!

DAM_E-Motion_Alarm (4)

The vibration sensor bite alarm is extremely easy-to-use, lightweight and with 55x32mm small and handy.

DAM_E-Motion_Alarm (1)

E-Motion alarms feature a rubber o-ring giving you the possibility to attach the alarm to whatever rod you like to use. By adjusting the position of the alarm on the rod, you can change the sensitivity.

DAM_E-Motion_Alarm (5)

Further, there is a 4-step volume control and you have the possibility to mute the alarm and have only the LED´s lighting up in case of a take.

Christian Karo
D.A.M. Pro Staff